Acht komma Acht (galeonis) wrote,
Acht komma Acht


Миша Убить Всех Человеко навел на прекрасное

In Japan stray dogs are classified as public nuisances, unsanitary and disposed of in the same way as garbage. The offices of Public Health and Hygiene, known as Hokenshos, catch dogs using crude wire nooses. The old, the young, the sick and the vicious are all thrown into the same truck where many animals suffocate during the Summer. Others are left outside the Hokenshos by their owners in boxes and plastic bags.

КМПКВ будет точно также а зоофилы поедут пилить лес зоозаshitники поедут будут приговорены к пожизненному убиранию говна в коровниках.
Tags: зоофилы

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