Acht komma Acht (galeonis) wrote,
Acht komma Acht

Англицкая народная пивная хороводная

King Henry's court was a thirsty lot
Quaffing half a million gallons each year
A dozen brewers were kept on staff
For to keep him supplied in beer
Even his lowest men got four pints a day
And to make sure of its aval
He added one more to his brewing staff
For to make him his favorite ale

Corus:So here's toast to Henry the eighth
         Let's raise up a glass of cheer
         As we share with the king of olde england
         A love for our ale beer

He kept his navy well supplied
Whenever they sailed away
With biscuits and flesh and fish and cheese
And a gallon a man each day
And in picardy, supplies fell short
And the army went ten days dry
He sent relief in with five hundred tonnes
And ten brewhouses parked nearby


King Henry's stories have oft been told
His legacy still survives
From execution to rows with the church
To the marrying of six wives
But say what you will of this colourful king
And all of his legendary tales
Twas never a man in all england
With more love for his beer and ale


Ну и послушать конечно это безобразие

Tags: музыка

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