Acht komma Acht (galeonis) wrote,
Acht komma Acht

Die, die mothefucker !!!!

А тем временем хардкорные разработчики перешли на новый уровень дискурсии. "Я твой мама эбаль, я твой дом труба шаталь !"

The people, such as Adrian, who are pushing systemd as the one
and only init system for debian should be physically harmed

They need to be physically restrained or beaten
until they come to a different conclusion
or enter a state where they are no longer
capable of coming to any conclusions.

Прям настоящие нохчо, хоть сейчас кинжал и бурку выдавай.
Tags: zomg teh drama, линупсъ
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