Acht komma Acht (galeonis) wrote,
Acht komma Acht

Sehr gut, sehr gut Voldemar !

Английский норот пишет в каментах Сочуственное.

Well done the Russian coastguards for arresting these fools who seem to enjoy disrupting peoples lives with their ludicrous antics. Send the lot of them to some distant Gulag.

nothing bad will happen! But for 15 years, they will learn to play the balalaika and write denunciations in the KGB. from Russia with science! )

This is awesome. Finally someone is treating these self professed saviors of the world, as the thugs they really are ... long overdue!

Got them at last! They wont be sailing the high seas for a very long time methinks.

Agreed. They don't want to hear your whining or bs, you follow the rules like everybody else or you face the consequences like everybody else.

Greenpeace are thugs and pirates. The Russians should have shot them all on the spot. But they did the next best thing.

Should have sunk the ship with all hands lost.... "We know nothing" !!

It's good to see greenpeace face justice for once.

Cameron take a lesson from the Russians.

The Russian authorities have clearly decided to make an example of the Greenpeace activists in order to discourage future protests of this kind.' Good. Perhaps the British justice system would like to try something similar next time a bunch of eco-mentalists climb up an office building - say, St. Mary's Axe - rather than allowing them to disrupt the lawful business of many people and firms, then letting them off scot-free.

Well done Russia with your robust dealing of these Greenpeace Pests. Let these protesters serve a couple of years in a Siberian Gulag planting Silver Birch Trees to slave pretentious conscience.

Там всё каменты ну просто мимими, хорошо всё же что им оружие запретили, ибо просто обнять и плакать.
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