Acht komma Acht (galeonis) wrote,
Acht komma Acht

Платить и каяццо !

Adobe announced a major shift in strategy for the software: boxed versions, along with their perpetual licenses, will no longer be available for any Adobe software newer than CS6. Going forward, subscribing to Adobe's Creative Cloud service will be the only way to upgrade your software....
Не прячьте ваши денежки по банкам и углам, несите ваши денежки, иначе быть беде... в общем все в "облака", поцоны !!! Каменты кстате ЖГУТ !

They should also add microtranactions. Want to crop your photo - $.05. Upload website - $.25.
Tags: this is buthuuurt !!!, кирпичи тяжелы

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