Acht komma Acht (galeonis) wrote,
Acht komma Acht

Юзеры пишуть...

The "new friends page" No. Just no. I don't typically complain and I have defended you for lots of your idiotic mistakes, livejournal, but this is ridiculous. If I wanted eye jarring blue and white space, I'd be on facebook looking at their timeline.

Stop trying to be like every other social networking site out there. This is a site for blogs/journals and community. Embrace that. Embrace that you're not like everyone else. Stop isolating the last trickling few of your user base. This makes no sense from a marketing standpoint. Why compete and try to be the lesser version of a popular website? You will never be facebook and thank goodness for that. Go back to being the livejournal we all loved at one point. Please.

И чо характерно, там этого просто простыни, благодарные юзеры срут в кипу.
Tags: мудаки, суп из семи залуп

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