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As a plan, they want more GNOME 3, more focus on mobile, and GNOME as an operating system March of 2014 and with that will come GNOME OS, their desired operating system built around GNOME technologies.

...GNOME 4.0 isn't to be radically different from GNOME 3 but rather the GNOME Shell and Core apps will be mature and polished, there will be a touch-enabled mobile user-experience with GNOME on tablets

GNOME's new plans could allow it to reach a 20% market-share by 2020

Сделайте мне блять развидеть всё это, а заодно неплохо бы сгонять в этот ваш Мадрид, ибо судя по всему там где произрастает охуенная дурь.
Tags: денискапопов, линупсъ

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