Acht komma Acht (galeonis) wrote,
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Британския учоные троллят

На этот раз учоные решили исследовать зависимость благосостояния от модельки смартфона на рука, результат оказался немного предсказуемым....→

With their expensive taste in gadgets, iPhone users may appear to have ample disposable income. But almost one in five owners of the must-have phone admit that their main bank account is always overdrawn

В каментах бугурдят небыло-владельцы девайсов. Инвестиции, инвестиции говорят нам они, в оборудование да... фейспалм.жпг

i have the iphone 4 which i bought mostly with my stopped smoking savings, this is my first and only really nice gadget, i love it, i deserve it and whether i have an overdraft or not is nobody elses business and also nothing to do with my choice of phone - this has got to be the most pathetic and unreliable survey ever, the iphone is actually worth every penny but not because i want to show off - its actually because it is an investment and has so many uses, not just a phone - its an mp3 player, video recorder, camera, alarm clock, freeview tv, radio, satnav, torch, even spirit level - the list is endless, try buying all of these seperately - then see what happens to your bank balance, oh yes and also will go perfectly with the apple mac pro which i intend to buy next, most android users show their envy when they sit there insulting iphone - that alone shows they realise they made a mistake when they chose their phones.
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